It liiivveesss!

And so I begin my adventure anew in this site, full of plans that I most likely will not follow and dreams I most likely will still chase. Thank you for sticking around and I’ll try to post something new every week from now on since my schedule is wide open. Hodor!


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What page are you in?

      I often wonder during my daily travels between the sun and moon, what my role is in others’ lives. Where am I found in their ocean-length autobiography? Could I have been dedicated as a single chapter in my childhood friend’s life? Was I the period that marked off the end of a paragraph in one of my friend’s love affairs? Did I fit in as the space between a stranger’s sentence describing his commute on a Friday night? Could it be that I formed the title in one of the most dramatic scenes in my mother’s story? Perhaps I was swimming in the margins of my Alma mater’s history, graduating to frame the next paragraph that speaks about my generation and how much we have potential as career scrappers. Did I became the page itself in someone else’s adventure, absorbing each letter then letting those black stains be the one appreciated and noticed, but not the blemished paper? Where do I fit in, I wonder?

A better question would be: where are you in mine?


Making All Else Move

There is certain uncertainty

in how the sky flies,

but I cannot

or how the earth turns

yet I am still.


It is as if everything else

moves but me:

an unmovable object

that the world hoped

to yield and to rive.


I have wished to move

and to be,

but I am unmoving

and always will be

making all else move.



ps. this is another old piece

Untitled XV

I love you

for whatever you are

and whatever you give me

and whoever you see in me,

for wherever you may go

and wherever we meet,

for whenever you’re there

and whenever we’re apart,

for however you love me

and however you care,

because I love you forever

and forever I will be there



ps. this is another old piece

Judge Me Not

Do not judge my garden

because of its fruits.

Do not seek the blot of your pen

on my paper suit.


Instead, search for this solitary shadow

that beats its wings

without contempt or sorrow.

Surely, very surely, I am not with kings.


Let me fly, let me fly.

You do not need to tell the color of my sky

or why there was rain

when I am not even chained.


I am now and I am here.

I, you should not doubt.

But if that was not clear

then get the hell out.



ps. this is another old piece