I wish to write on my skin
all the things I have faced,
all the damages I have caused,
all the hours spent on thinking over
every little detail of how my life
felt like falling apart,
all the words that seemed to
reach through hidden veins,
all the thoughts that choked
me to sleep and left me empty dreams,
all the tears that I’ve kept on drying
because I couldn’t bear pain
like everybody else,
all those eyes that made me feel naked
and aware of who I wasn’t supposed to be,
all those nights I spent trying to make
the morning reach me faster,
all those feelings crawling just
beneath my flesh, breaking it open
when someone tries a touch,
all those pain I wanted to mark
others with because they don’t know
what it feels like to be someone
you’ve always tried to forget,
and all those people you tried to call, “Yourself”.



Jagged Little Memories

Look at me,

the past I bring

from these jagged

little memories.

The call of the light,

the call of the dark,

oh why can’t I see

beyond these unforgotten stars?

Tell me how to look past

the cream-colored moon

in my glass filled eyes.

Yet, all the voices they claim;

I dare not live below

the everflowing river,

where the tears

had all but dried

and the laughter,

oh how they died.

Wretchedly they watch,

as I turn away and pray

to be in someone else’s light