Chocolate Milk

Your feet becomes sluggish as you exit the ancient building you find yourself calling “some kind of home”. The light from the sun doesn’t glare and burn through your eyes since the afternoon is already settling in. You walk around and find that you’re becoming heavier and heavier. At first you thought it was because you lack the proper sleep any adult should have, but then you realize it’s your emotions weighing you down. You curse inside your head when you see someone familiar. Continue reading


Untitled IX

Swept with the wind.

I am swept with the wind,

and the birds and leaves

go to places,

yet they never seem to care.

Try as I might

not to care where to or how,

with whispers of the leaves

and sweet feathered songs.

Away, away I still go.

I wish I didn’t know.


PS. This isn’t a recent work. I wrote this a few months ago.

Dare I?

 I’m sorry because we fought. I’m sorry because we wasted time on things that shouldn’t have happened. I should’ve made up with you right away and tried to mend Us. We could’ve spent those times together. We could’ve done things we weren’t able to do because our pride got in the way. I could’ve been there when you needed someone. I could’ve been there when you needed to cry or be held.  Continue reading